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Rorotürk Shipping
has been the commercial agent of UECC since 2015.

Rorotürk Shipping Ltd. Sti. was founded in February 2015 as commercial Agency of UECC,United European Car in Turkey. Since our establishment, we have been working as Uecc Agency in Turkey.

RoroTürk Shipping

We have weekly service from Turkey to Europen ports and from EU to Turkey with Uecc vessels which call Autoport located in İzmit Turkey. For the logistics companies who located in Turkey, East Europe and Middle East, we are in charge of pricing, booking, documantation and operational process on behalf of Uecc.

We have weekly and directly service to/from Autoport to/from Germany, Belgium, England, Spain, Italy and Greece also service to/from France, Norway, Sweden, Finland and Russia via. Belgium and Germany.

We carry all kind of used or unused Cars,Vans and both self propelled and towable High&Heavy vehcihles ; trailers, pneaumatic wheels or tracked agricultural and construction machines on 120 tons Ramp capacity Ro-Ro vessels.

Also we are offering transport solution from port to port for up to 85 tons BB, static cargos and project cargos with Uecc’s 100 tons capacity roll trailer/mafi equipments.


It is our primary mission to support all local and global logistics companies in all pricings, reservation, operation, documentation and cargo tracking processes, and to establish business partnerships with UECC RoRo ships, which have been exported to European ports and imported through European ports since the day we were established.


Turkey, Eastern Europe and built to the highest levels of our brand by reaching all the logistics companies in the Middle East and to improve the level of support for our friendship towards our primary vision of logistics processes.

Our valuable business partners are our primary target to be the first choice in boutique project transports that we can carry on self-propelled, commercial and non-gauge vehicles as well as our self-owned equipment, which we can carry with roro ships, and to provide both operation and cost advantage with alternative transportation options.